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Introduction TSHD SCALD

Gepubliceerd: 11 juli 2017

Faasse Groep introduces TSHD (Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger) hopper dredger Scald. The Scald has unlimited sailing areas, shallow draught and special manoeuvring qualities by using 4 rudder propellors and a liftable wheelhouse. The Scald has the capability to be deployed everywhere around the world executing diversified activities.

The Scald is build on the fugelage of the seagoing freighter “Futura Carrier”. This ship has been designed for high efficiency, fuel reducement and a low environment aggravation as fundamentals. This ship has been shortened by 20 meters at “Scheepswerf Reimerswaal”. “Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman B.V.” at Zwijndrecht has executed the conversion to an innovative and maintenance friendly hopper dredger.

At the beginning of July 2017 the ship has been delivered by Scheepswerf Kooiman. The hopper dredger, (lbd=79,99x14,10x3,90m.) has been provided with a hopper capacity of 1800 m3, a totally new and liftable wheelhouse, innovative possibilities for dredging-, sieving- and unload activities. This ship is also maintenance friendly after this profound reconstruction.

During this conversion various preparations have been made towards future expansion. A simple expansion can be made by rainbow bow and/or lateral couplings and spod poles. The design emphasis has been to innovate the dredging- and sandwinning possibilities and to combine activities.

The conversion has been executed using stainless steel and a minimum of frames and corrosion sensitive parts on deck. The dredge pipe wire winches have been placed on the lower deck. The bottom doors have been provided with levers in stead of chains and cylinders. All these adjustments lead to a safe and user friendly vessel. The complete equipped wheelhouse creates a perfect activity overview. A single person can operate the navigation, including the complete dredging- and winning proces.

The mobile dump gutter with sieve can be moved over the total length of the hopper to improve the spreading of the cargo. The sieving capacity is designed for more specific sieving.

The unloading system is all-round. By using the mobile dump-/sieve gutter sufficient space will occur to unload dry sand. The ship is also equipped with a sand transfer unload installation for loading barges. A powerful jet pump directs the material within the hopper. These jets can also provide desalinisation of the sea sand by adding sweet water. The 6 bottem doors provide sanddumping in specific places. The unloading system is expandable by connecting the dredging pump with the booster pump, in order to use full spray capacity or stowing by using a shore discharge pipe. Both pumps wear the Krebs brand. This brand debutes in the dredging- and sand winning world.

TSHD “Scald” will be deployed in 2017 and 2018 during the season executing sand winning for the Belgium market. This vessel is also available executing various activities, such as Maintenance-, dredging-, supplementation-, spraying- and sand winning activities or a combination of activities.

We wish the TSHD “Scald”, an old Germanic name and very appropriate because it means “shallow water”, together with its’ crew a safe journey!





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